Nash The Slash was a Canadian multi-instrumentalist who formed the progressive rock band FM with Cameron Hawkins in 1976. Just before FM’s first album Black Noise was released in 1977, Nash left to pursue his own vision. Technically fluent, he used counterintuitive instruments such as the electric violin and the electric mandolin in a guitar-laden world of hard rock. He created sonic soundscapes that mixed his influences and ignored convention. He was a pioneer of electronic music who had a well known love affair with the drum machine, proclaiming that he was the first Canadian to use one on an album.

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The anonymity of his persona - a featureless face covered in bandages - freed him to become a canvas that was as theatrical as it was paradoxical. Through collaborations with other like-minded artists, his stage performances reflected a trip so psychedelic that he crossed both space and time. Nash was gay. It wasn’t until 1998 when he publicly declared his orientation at a Toronto Pride performance. His sexuality was not known by all that worked with him.


Nash died in 2014. His legacy left behind four decades of wild stories, strange releases, smoke stained master tapes and dusty vinyl recordings that are still managed by his estate.